10 Limitations of Servlets [Lect-1 pt-2]

Limitations Of Servlets

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Hope you liked our previous article Basics of JSP [Start learning JSP from this article]- day1-pt-1 . Here we are back again with another article entitled 10 Limitations Of Servlets in the context of development of a web application. So here we go:

Servlets are powerful and sometimes they are bit cumbersome when it comes to generating complex HTML. Most servlets contain a little code that handles application logic and a lot more code that handles output formatting. This can make it difficult to separate and reuse portions of the code when a different output format required. For these reasons, web application developers turn towards JSP as their preferred servlet environment.

When we develop a web application, by using servlets, we may get the following limitations. Here I would like to list a few of the Limitations Of Servlets .

  1. Servlets of web application requires strong knowledge of Java.
  2. Servlets are very difficult for Non-Java Programmers to understand and carry out.
  3. We know that, Servlet is a picture of both Presentation logic(HTML) and Business Logic(Java) . At the time of development of Servlet by using both of the above (Presentation and Business Logic), it may become imbalance, because a Servlet developer can’t be  good in both Presentation logic and Business logic.
  4. Servlet never provides  separation between or clarity between Presentation Logic and Business Logic.
    So that servlets do not give Parallel Development.
  5. If we do any changes in a servlet, then we need to do Re-deployment process i.e. Servlets modifications requires redeployment, which is one of the time-consuming process.
  6. If we develop any web application with servlets, then it is mandatory for the web application developer to configure web-application configuration file. (Deployment descriptor- web.xml)
  7. Servlets do not offer any implicit object. [implicit objects generally provided by containers during the dynamic program execution ].
  8. Servlets do not contain a facility called Custom Tags Development.
  9. Servlets don’t provide Global/Implicit exception handling facility.
  10. Servlets don’t vontain Automatic Page compilation concept.

So, That’s all about Limitations of Servlets..  If you liked this article, do share it.
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