Introduction of Spring Framework

Hello Everyone, We are starting next Series of articles On Spring Framework. This is going to be first article in this series, an introductory article, which talks about Spring Framework. So Here we Go:





Introduction Of Spring Framework-


  • Spring is a great framework for the development of Enterprise level applications. It is a lightweight framework used by Enterprises for their application development.
  • The Spring Framework provides a comprehensive programming and the configuration model for  Java-based modern Enterprise-ready applications.
  • The deployment of Spring  based Java applications is platform-independent.
  • Spring can be used to configure declarative transaction management, remote access to your logic using RMI or web services, mailing facilities and various options in persisting your data to a database.
  • Spring framework can be used in modular fashion also. Because it allows to use in parts and leave the other components which are not required by the the application. One of the most important element of the Spring Framework is its awesome infrastructural support at the application level.
  • It mainly focuses on the “plumbing” of enterprise-ready applications so that development teams of the application can focus more on the application-level business logic even without having unnecessary ties to specific deployment environments.
  • Spring Framework allows you to develop the applications from Plain old Java objects (POJOs) and it enables us to apply the enterprise services non-invasively to Plain old Java objects.

Official Website: Click here Forums: Click Here
Official Spring Blog: Click here
Spring Framework On Github:  Click Here

That’s all for this article.  This was just a brief article. Let us know in comments, what comes to your mind first when you hear the word “Spring Framework”,

In the Next Article, I will be talking about basic Features of Spring Framework and the Spring Architecture.
Till then  Read Java Notes.!!!! 😀



Article Name
Spring Framwork: An introduction
Introduction to Spring Framework: One of the awesomest framework to develop Enterprise ready applications. Check out the complete article to read more

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