10 Advantages of JSP

Hello Readers Its Lecture 2 and we are back with another article. Hope You have read articles of Lecture 1, i.e.
Basics Of JSP and 10 Limitations Of Servlets . So now Lets begin Lecture -2. In its part 1, we will discuss about 10 Advantages Of JSP [Java Server Pages]. So here we go :

If we develop any web application with the server-side technology called JSP, we get the following benefits

  1. Learning JSP doesn’t need strong knowledge of Java, because writing a program in JSP is nothing but making use of tags or we can say that it is meant for using tag based approach of programming.
  2. JSP programming is easy to learn and easy to implement for Non-Java programmers also.
  3. JSP programming environment provides the separation between presentation logic and business logic.
  4. JSP programming environment provides parallel development of web applications.
  5. JSP programming has implicit objects.
  6. JSP programming eliminates the repeated deployment problems i.e. as and when we change the JSP, we need to save the JSP and makes a request and automatic deployment  is taken care by container – JASPER [JSP Execution Environment].
  7. JSP provides optional mechanism in configuring web application file (web.xml).
  8. JSP environment provides implicit/global exception handling mechanism.
  9. JSP programming provides and additional concept called Custom Tags Development.
  10. JSP programming environment provides page compilation automatically.

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Article Name
10 Advantages Of JSP
This article talks about the advantages of JSP Programming Environment.

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